Integrated Watershed Management Research and Development Capacity Building

Enhancing collaborative research and development capacities of German and Sub-Saharan Partners on Integrated Watershed Management


Institute for Geographical Sciences

Physical Geography



Financial support:

German Academic Exchange Service


Aug 01, 2012 — Jul 31, 2015

Contact Person:

Anette Stumptner


+49-(0)30-838 70453




Project aims

The situation in Africa shows the urgent need to improve management and development (M&D) capacities for integrated watershed management, in order to respect the value of watersheds’ ecological functionality for keeping and increasing livelihood level. Experiences on land degradation highlight that maintenance of existing and ecological functioning watersheds needs less input than compared to the ambitious recovering process of heavily degraded landscapes.

One bottleneck in building M&D capacities is the communication and knowledge transfer culture in Africa. Existing communities have different understanding of the challenges and opportunities of IWM, but interaction on knowledge exchange and strategies is too little.

This project aims at bridging the communication gap between scientists/researchers, practitioners/decision makers and the local population in the field of IWM.



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