Completed Projects

List of completed research projects.


The research project studies an area in the border region of Poland and Ukraine. With the fall of the Iron Curtain the region experienced drastic changes in political and socio- economic structures. Large farmland areas become abandoned and gradual processes of forest succession take place on the abandoned land. The aim of the project is the development of adequate strategies to monitor farmland abandonment, using multitemporal SAR and multispectral remote sensing data.

AguaGestión II

Entwicklung eines Exzellenzzentrums für innovative und nachhaltige Wasserwirtschaft in urbanen und ländlichen Gebieten Perus - Centro de Competenzia del Agua“ (funded by BMBF, in cooperation with Applied Geography, Environmental Hydrology and Resource Management, FU Berlin).


Umsetzungsorientiertes Wasser- und Bodenressourcenmanagement in den nördlichen Anden Perus unter Berücksichtigung klimatischer Unsicherheiten“ (funded by BMBF, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Achim Schulte, Applied Geography, Environmental Hydrology and Resource Management, FU Berlin).

Remote sensing based retrieval of biomethane potential (BMP) of crops,

The project aims on the development of methods to map and quantify the biomethane potential of crops

Self-taught learning

Björn Waske

Aug 01, 2013

Earth Observation data play a major role in supporting decision-support systems and monitoring compliance of several multilateral environmental treaties. Land cover maps of remote sensing data are the most commonly used product in this context and the development of feasible and accurate classification strategies is an ongoing research field. Particularly the classification of larger areas is often challenging, e.g., due to the lack of adequate amount of training and validation data. This ...


Björn Waske

May 01, 2013

SenseCarbon develops methods to improve the mapping of REDD+ relevant land use and land cover change processes. In preparation of the upcoming Sentinel missions, SenseCarbon uses existing optical and SAR remote sensing data archives of different spatial and temporal resolutions.

Structural-ecolgical mapping of river courses

The project targets fundamental mapping requirements addressed by the EU water framework directive, using high-resolution optical and SAR data.