Our research projects are primarily concerned with Environmental Hydrology and Resource Management (water and soil) with a focus on hydrological processes and the geomorphological processes coupled to them. This discipline's predominant interests lie in simulations of precipitation and runoff and the analysis of  extreme hydrological situations (floods, low-water and droughts) and processes (material flow) associated with these situations as well as the development of appropriate management strategies to mitigate potential damage (e.g., decentralised, integrated flood protection). Besides the evaluation of processes and risks, our research also includes the development of measures and their implementation. In addition it is possible to simulate fluvial processes under laboratory conditions using a hydraulic flume.

Main topics

  • Monitoring of runoff dynamics and sediment transport
  • Rainfall–Runoff Modelling
  • Modelling and simulation of extreme hydrological situations
  • Management of risks related to floods and low-water
  • Watershed Management
  • Use of geographical information systems and remote sensing data in hydrology and water management


Freie Universität Berlin
Department of Earth Sciences
Institute of Geographical Sciences
Applied Geography, Environmental Hydrology and Resource Management

Campus Lankwitz, Building H
Malteserstrasse 74-100
D - 12249 Berlin

Office Prof. Dr. Schulte:

Mrs. Maria von Bodecker
Phone: (+49 30) 838 - 70252
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