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megacity teheran project

Megacity Teheran Project


Atmospheric Science and Meteorological Research Centre (ASMERC), 2007-...




The aim of the project is the development of stragegies, e.g. scenario's and policy options, in cooperation with the iranian institutions, to overcome the ecological and energy problems arising by the strong growth of the city of Teheran. The focus is on the ecological development in relation to the economic/technical development.


Therefore five start projects are incorporated by subcontracts to get some principle knowledge and information about Teheran situation with respect to the project goals. These five start projects include:


  • The installation of a proper meteorological model to prepare meteorological informations for air pollution modelling
  • Measurement of atmospheric compounds and comparison of measurements in the Teheran area to start with the coordination of measurements performed by iranian institutions and german participants.
  • An emission inventory for the overall area of Iran which is most important for any chemical transport modelling.
  • The survey of emission data in the scale of the streets, for instance depending on traffic and energy consumption, to estimate the pollution levels within the main roads and streets in Teheran for use of street canyon models.
  • Survey of existing development plans of Teheran with respect to traffic and housing.