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Projekt SOAP (EU)

Simulations, Observations and Paleodata: Climate Variability Over the Last 500 Years
Dauer des Projektes : 11/2002-10/2005
Projektleitung : Prof. Ulrich Cubasch EMail Phone ++49-30-838-71217 (FAX 71160)
Mitarbeiter : Dipl.-Met. Irina Fast EMail Phone ++49-30-838-71221 (Combination of Model and Proxy Data)
Dr. Gerd Bürger EMail Phone ++49-30-838-71127 (Statistical Analysis)
Dr. Thomas Spangehl EMail Phone ++49-30-838-71122 (Experiments with ECHO-G Model)
Beschreibung des Projektes
This project aims to provide a state-of-the-art quantitative description of the variability and causes of variability of Northern Hemisphere climate, over the last five centuries. It will investigate the behaviour of important regional systems as well as hemispherically-integrated changes, and quantify the changing influences of natural and anthropogenic climate forcings, using an integrated study of palaeoclimate proxies and carefully prescribed general circulation model (GCM) experiments. Another major objective is to establish the reliability of GCM simulations of natural climate variability, and hence gain additional insights into the uncertainty of model-based anthropogenic climate change detection studies. This will provide a more secure basis from which to assess the likelihood of future abrupt and unusual climate changes. We will also undertake this assessment.

Ergebnisse und Links

Weitere Projektinformationen können unter http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/projects/soap/ abgerufen werden.