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Projekt PRISM (EU)

Programme for Integrated Earth System Modelling
Dauer des Projektes : 12/2001 - 11/2004
Assoziiert : Prof. Ulrich Cubasch EMail Phone ++49-30-838-71217 (FAX 71160)
Dr. Ingo Kirchner EMail Phone ++49-30-838-71151
Beschreibung des Projektes
Following the recommendations of the European climate research community (Euroclivar, November 1998), it is proposed to undertake a "Programme for Integrated earth System Modelling" as a pilot infrastructure project for the establishment of a climate research network. The work plan foresees
  1. the creation of a European management structure for developing, coordinating and executing a long-term programme of European-wide, multi-institutional climate simulations;
  2. the development of a set of portable climate community models and associated diagnostic software under standardised coding conventions that can be accessed by all European scientists;
  3. the execution of a first suite of joint simulations.
PRISM will greatly enhance the efficiency of earth system modelling in Europe and it will pave the way for the establishment of a European Climate Computing Facility. The expected product will be a flexible, efficient, portable, and user friendly community infrastructure for earth system modelling and climate prediction.

Ergebnisse und Links

Weitere Projektinformationen können unter http://www.prism.enes.org abgerufen werden.