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Dr. Martin Göber


Deutscher Wetterdienst

(und Freie Universität Berlin - Institut für Meteorologie)

DWD Themenbereichsleiter

Schmidt-Ott-Str. 13
Raum 616-617 (Wasserturm)
12165 Berlin



Academic Career

since 02/2012 DWD’s manager of research area “Optimal use of weather information from weather forecasting and climate monitoring for society” in the project „Improving the process of weather warnings and extreme weather information in the chain from the meteorological forecasts to their communication of the Berlin conurbation (WEXICOM-Berlin)“
2003-2012 Manager verification, Department Weather Forecasting, German Weather Service DWD, verification of weather warnings and point forecasts
2002 studying psychology at the Open University, UK
2000-2003 Research Scientist, Numerical Weather Prediction, Met Office, UK; verification of numerical models
1998-2000 Research Scientist Meteorological Institute University of Cologne, project manager in “Interdisciplinary coordination on Global Change research”
1997-1998 Post-doc in ACSYS (Arctic Climate System Studies), climate diagnostics of the freshwater balance of the Arctic
1992-1997 PhD student Meteorological Institute University of Bonn, PhD thesis: “Regional climate diagnostics of large scale eddies”
1991-1992 MSC course on Remote Sensing, Image Processing and Applications, University of Dundee, UK
1986-1991 studying meteorology, Meteorological Institute Humboldt-University Berlin, Diploma thesis: “Dynamical Structure of ENSO time series”

Research interests

  • Forecast verification

  • Production and communication of weather warnings

  • Economy and psychology of judgement and decision making

  • Geostatistics and inverse modeling

peer- reviewed


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