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GeoX-Workshop Announcement

Workshop on "Physics and Statistics of triggered and induced seismicity".

News vom 19.07.2014

The Geo.X Advanced Seismology working group invites you to the 2nd thematic workshop on "Physics and Statistics of triggered and induced seismicity".

The workshop abstract and additional information can be found at http://www.geo-x.net/ueber-uns/arbeitskreise/ak-advanced-seismology.html. The workshop will be held on Tuesday September 2, 2014 at Freie Universität Berlin at GeoCampus Lankwitz.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of the ongoing research in the field of triggered and induced seismicity, to exchange ideas and to possibly plan new collaborations and future projects. Please use the online registration form at http://www.geo-x.net/ueber-uns/arbeitskreise/ak-advanced-seismology.html to register for the workshop by August 20, 2014.

For questions and remarks concerning the workshop please contact Stine Gutjahr, Geo.X coordinator FU Berlin: stine@geophysik.fu-berlin.de

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