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SEG Contributions

Several members of the PHASE research team will give presentations on this year's SEG Annual Meeting.

News vom 04.09.2014

At this year's SEG annual meeting in Denver, the following contributions from our institute will be presented:

Date Presenter Title Type Room
Mo, Oct. 27, 2:45 PM Carsten Dinske Scaling of frequency-magnitude distributions of fluid-induced seismicity. E-Poster 405
Tu, Oct. 28, 11:25 AM Anton Reshetnikov Receiver based analysis of microseismic recordings: A tool for assessing quality of time picks and event locations. Oral 3C
We, Oct. 29, 4:25 PM Changpeng Yu Seismic anisotropy of shale: Inversion of microseismic data. Oral 3C
Th, Oct. 30, 11:25 AM Cornelius Langenbruch Probability of brittle rock failure during hydraulic fracturing of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Oral 3C

Full information available on http://www.seg.org/web/annual-meeting-2014/overview.

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