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Kolloquium im Sommersemester 2014

23. Mai 2014

Jingran Zhang (FUB-phys. Geogr.)

Late Pleistocene lake evolution and aeolian accumulation histories in northern China –

two case studies based on luminescence chronology


29. April 2014

Assist. Prof. Hasan Karrar (Lahore Univ. of Management Sciences (LUMS), Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

- Vortrag im Rahmen der Crossroads-Asia Lectures -

Dordoy and Kara-Suu: Exchange, Survival, and Eurasian Mobilities as seen through

Two Central Asian Bazaars

13. Mai 2014

Chia-Han Tseng (FUB-phys. Geogr.)

The tablelands in the Puli Basin (central Taiwan) - a geochronological and geomorphological approach to Late Quaternary fluvial sedimentary and erosional processes

20. Mai 2014

Nusrat Nasab (Focus Humanitarian Assistance Islamabad)

Disaster management in the Atabad Lake Area, Hunza, Pakistan

03. Juni 2014

Prof. Dr. Guido Wyseure (KU Leuven, Dept. of Earth Environment Sciences, Div. of Soil and Water Management)

Hydrology of the páramo in the southern Andes of Ecuador

24. Juni 2014

Praveen K Mishra (FUB-phys. Geogr.)

Multiproxy evidences for past hydrological changes at Tso Moriri Lake, NW Himalaya

08. Juli 2014

Prof. John Wainwright (Durham University, Dep. Geography

 Vortrag im Rahmen der Reihe „LAA zu Gast“

15. Juli 2014

Gregori Lockot (FUB-phys. Geogr.)

Prozeßdynamik undDatierungsunsicherheiten in Paläoumweltarchiven am Beispiel des Heihai-See, Qinghai PlateauChina