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Tag Cloud Landscape Archaeology

Tag Cloud Landscape Archaeology

Landscape Archaeology investigates material traces of past people under consideration of interactions between humans and their natural and social environment (Kluiving/Guttmann 2012).

E-Learning portal “Master Landscape Archaeology at University of Peradeniya” (ELMLA) was designed for students of geoscientific and archaeological study programmes with a strong link to landscape archaeological topics.

ELMLA provides two modules, covering the following topics:

Landscape Archaeology in South Asia  Waterharvesting systems in (pre)history 

The e-learning portal ELMLA presents one of the outcomes of the project Master Landscape Archaeology at the University of Peradeniya which was funded between 2013-2017 by the German Academical Exchange Service (DAAD) in the framework of the programme Subject related Partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education.

The partnership supports the consolidation of the academic education in the interdisciplinary field of landscape archaeology between the Freie Universitat Berlin and the University of Peradeniya on a graduate level. The applied measures include workshops, student and lecturer exchange, joint preparation of teaching material and joint summer schools.

The content of the module “Landscape Archaeology in South Asia” is partly based on the E-Learning platform landscape Archaeology (ELLA).

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Funded by the DAAD from funds of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs Cooperation and Development (BMZ)