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M.A. Landung Esariti

Landung Esarati

Institut für Geographische Wissenschaften

Fachrichtung Anthropogeographie

Themenbereich "Governance - Nachhaltige Entwicklung - Gender"


Malteser Str. 74-100
12249 Berlin



Short Biographie

2011 -2014

Phd in Human Geography , FU Berlin (financed by DAAD -Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst)

Phd Project title “Gender Sensitive Approach to Housing Assistance in Semarang, Indonesia”


Master of Property Studies, University of Queensland (financed by Australian Development Scholarships)

Master thesis title “ The Affordable Housing Microfinance for Low Income People in Semarang”

2000 – now 


Lecturer and Researcher in Urban and Regional Planning, Engineering Faculty, Diponegoro University, Semarang – Indonesia


Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, Engineering Faculty, Diponegoro University, Semarang – Indonesia

Research Topics

  • Urban Management
  • Housing for the Poor
  • Property Management
  • Property Valuation


  • An Environmentally Upgrading Approach in Slums Area of Tanjungmas District Semarang. Paper Presented in International Seminar by ISAH-Network : Sustainable Slum Upgrading In Urban Area  in Solo, 16 April  2009
  • Social Capital in Early Housing Construction after Earthquake in Kemudo Village, Klaten. Paper Presented in National Seminar by URDI : Participation Sustainability in the Development Context in Yogyakarta, 25-26 July 2008
  • Housing Micro Finance Typology in Semarang. Article in Proceeding Seminar of Capacity Building Improvement in Housing and Settlement Planning. (ISBN : 978-979-15956-3-6),  17-18 Desember 2007
  • The Contribution of Tegal Inhabitants to Sustainable Costal Region Implementation. Paper Presented in National Seminar: Coastal Region Development in Sultan Agung University Indonesia, 10 September 2007
  • The Importance Of Establishment  An Affordable Housing Finance  For The Low Income People. Paper presented in International Seminar World Habitat Day in Bandung,  30 September 2005