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Aseela Haque


Institut für Geographische Wissenschaften

Fachrichtung Humangeographie

Geographien globaler Ungleichheiten


Malteserstr. 74-100
Raum K174
12249 Berlin


2011-2015 BSc. Political Science (minor in English Literature) at Lahore University of Management Sciences
2015-2016 Sub-editor at The Express Tribune
2017-2020 M.A. Global Studies at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, M.A. Thesis “Playing on the back foot: Cricket as postcolonial cultural practice in Berlin”.
2018 Research project at Urban Resource Centre in Karachi. Documenting flyovers and underpasses in Karachi.
2020-2021 Pre-doctoral fellow at Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies

Wintersemester 2023/24

  • HS- Methods in Geographies of Inequalities

Sommersemester 2023

  • S - Regionale Themen der Anthropogeographie: AG Entwicklungsforschung

Wintersemester 2022/23

  • SG - Geographien der Globalisierung:Cricket, Identity, and Diaspora

Sommersemester 2022

  • S - Regionale Themen der Anthropogeographie: AG Entwicklungsforschung: Infrastructure, politics, and the city

Research Interests

My research takes urban roads as the primary frame to examine the politics of infrastructure and inhabitation in Karachi, Pakistan. It contributes to and brings together scholarship on infrastructure, inhabitation, and more-than-human geography. Accordingly, it attends to the liminal forms of human and non-human inhabitations that are sutured in relation to roads and ones that are violently unmade in order to further roads. It focuses on the governance practices and lived realities that produce roads as sites of tensions and encounters shaped by social categories of class and gender. Through careful ethnography, it offers ways of conceptualising how infrastructure, urban governance, and everyday improvisations for humans and non-humans constitute the urban, in all its conflictual and convivial forms. 

  • Haque, A. (2024). Inhabiting flyover geographies: Flows, interstices, and walking bodies in Karachi. Urban Planning9.
  • Batool, R., Fleschenberg, A., Glatti, L., Haque, A., Holz, S., Khan, M.S., Pal, S., Shah, R., Tareen, M. 2021. Researching South Asia in Pandemic Times: Of Shifting Fields, Research Tools, Risks, Emotions and Research Relationships. (2021). South Asia Chronicle, 11, 419-467. https://www.iaaw.hu-berlin.de/de/region/suedasien/publikationen/sachronik/sachronik

  • Haque, A. S. (2021). “Playing on the back foot”: The Pakistani Male Diaspora and Cricket in Berlin. New Sociological Perspectives, 1(1).