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Charrlotte Adelina


Institut für Geographische Wissenschaften

Fachrichtung Humangeographie

Geographien globaler Ungleichheiten


Malteserstr. 74-100
12249 Berlin

I am currently studying the processes and politics of greening Coimbatore city in India, to delineate a political ecology of urban forests. My fieldwork traces afforestation projects and the ways in which it reorders relationships between humans, trees, and other beings, in a space activated by modalities of entrepreneurial urbanisation and more-than-human agencies. I aim to bring together stories of human and more-than-human aspirations in uneven landscapes and their contested politics of place, bringing disparate bodies of work from urban studies and political ecologies into conversation.

Consultation hours:
Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
No e-mail appointment is required for face-to-face consultations during semester period.

2019 - 2021

Research Associate (Urban), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) - Asia, Bangkok, Thailand.

2018 - 2019

Young Professional, Skill Development and Employment & Urbanization, NITI Aayog, erstwhile Planning Commission of the Government of India (GoI), New Delhi, India.

2016 - 2018

Research and Academics Assistant, Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), Bangalore, India.


Integrated M.A. Development Studies. Indian Institute of Technology – Madras (IITM), Chennai.


Semester Exchange, M.A. in Politics and Sustainability, Hochschule Bremen, Germany.

  • Urban environmental governance
  • Informal livelihoods; poverty
  •  Urban governance; Southern urbanism
  •  India, Thailand

Sommer Semester 2024

S - Integrative Betrachtung geographischer Themen: Introduction to Vegetal Geography

Winter Semester 2023/24

  • SG: Geographies of Globalisation

Sommer Semester 2023

  • S: Fundamentals of Participation, Power, and Social Change
  • S: Fundamentals of Participation, Power, and Social Change
  • LfP: Student research projects: Geographies of Inequalities in Tanzania

Winter Semester 2022/23

  • PC-S: Qualitative Data Analysis for Research in Human Geography
  • PC-S: Qualitative Data Analysis for Research in Human Geography

Sommersemster 2022

  • PjS: Project-based Seminar: Nature-based solutions and Sponge cities
  • LFP - Student research projects: Nature-based solutions and Sponge cities

Winter Semester 2021/22

  • S: Special Topics in Human Geography: Urban Environmental Change in Asia