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Livelihood in Refugee Camps in Ramallah ‘West Bank’

This doctorate dissertation provides an empirical study about the situations in the refugee camps in West Bank.  It provides us how the situation of the camps has remained in poor conditions since 65 years, and yet still in the poor conditions with all the humanitarian agencies and aid organizations which provide them all assistance. This study concentrates on how the existing conflicts and political issues relate to the Palestinian economy and the urban development; and how these factors affect the livelihood of Palestinian refugees in a broader framework-analysis. And the cornerstone of this study is to investigate the way how the Palestinian refugees cope with their situation in their daily lives.
This research also provides spatial analysis for the refugee camps context in Ramallah and Al-Bireh, and highlights on refugee conditions and the livelihood situation in multiple scale for different parameters and trends to understand the factors which are forcing them to live in such conditions. Furthermore, it draws up future views for the camp situations under many factors which will be discussed in this research. Thus, it could be an important study to show the camps status and refugee situations, and it will help the humanitarian agencies, aid organizations and who are involved and interested to understand the refugee needs in clear view and comprehensive.
This research is to study the Palestinian refugees in Ramallah “Al Am’ari and Qalandia”, and how the livelihoods affected by the Israeli\Palestinian conflict, and what they can do to help themselves to protect their families and to prove the livelihood in their camps.  Also, to understand how they can reduce the risks which are facing the refugees and the livelihoods in such situation, conflict, violence, environment, social and bad income in the Palestinian refugee camps. 
This study is based on understanding the threats on the social situation and livelihoods affecting people in refugee camps in West Bank and occupied Palestinian territory (oPT) by focusing on tow refugee camps; Al Ama’ri which is under full Palestinian control and Qalandia under the Israeli security control.