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Development potentials and risks of transformed exchange processes in the borderlands of Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Xinjiang

This research project, carried out by Henryk Alff, deals with (re-) emerging exchange, in particular small trade at retail and wholesale bazaars, across the former Sino-Soviet borderlands during the past two decades. It is examined how trade entrepreneurs’ agency has shaped and been shaped by socioeconomic transformation, enforced by border opening and closure and enforced modernisation efforts of states involved. The project is part of the Crossroads Asia research network and funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. 

Further Reading: Alff, H. &  M. Schmidt (2011): Seidenstraße 2.0? Handel und Mobilität im Grenzraum Kasachstan-Kirgisistan-Xinjiang. In: Osteuropa, Jahrgang 61, Heft 11, S. 63-76.