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Dr. Samir Harb

Foto_Samir Harb


Malteserstr. 74-100
Raum K166
12249 Berlin

I am an urban and political geographer. Since December 2020, I have been a Research Fellow at the Department of Human Geography, Freie University Berlin. I joined the research group of Globalization, Transformation, and Gender.

In 2020, I finished my PhD in Human Geography at the University of Manchester.  My current research focuses on the political ecology of cement production and its socio-ecological networks.  How cement become a key agent in constituting new geographic imaginaries is central to my research. I am studying the multi-scalar relationships associated with the process of cement production.

Form an environmental point of view studying cement as the object of my research will lead to three primary inquiry levels. First, the research understands cement geography parallel with concepts such as territory, sovereignty, and circulation. Second, the study understands cement production as a process of extraction and mining of natural resources. Third, the research analyses cement as part of vast energy geography and techno-social network.

My research broadly intersects the following research areas:

·         Political ecology and landscape transformations

·         Material politics and the production of the urban geographies

·         Neo-materialism and more-than-human social geographies

·         Materialism, colonial, and decolonial geographies

·         Imaginative geographies and the production of the meaning through materiality

·         Political architecture, construction activities and urban development


I worked as an architect and urban landscape planner with the UNESCO in the Palestinian territories. My activities included legal protests and alternative planning to protect landscapes under the vanishing threat or dispossession. Therefore, I am interested in the right to the environment and ways to mobilise social disagreement and change.