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The loner

The loner

There are four types of actors:

The loner:

  • likes to do most things by himself because he does it faster and best;

  • doesn't want to bother or worry other people;

  • feels that his knowledge and skills are often superior to most people;

  • only ask for help as a last resort (and when it may be too late).

The loner attitude is a major abstabcle to effective networking.

The socializer:

  • tries to make a friend of everyone she/he meets;
  • tends to know people's names and faces but not what they do;
  • is not usually systematic or ordered about follow-up-contact in random;
  • may not listen too deeply and is quick to move on.

The socializer is a random networker, following little or no formal contact system.

The user:

  • is likely to collect information without really connecting with the people;

  • tries to make 'sales' or 'pitches' on the first encounter;

  • talks and focuses on own agenda;

  • has superficial interactions;

  • keeps score when giving favours.

There is too much user-led networking. Focus on ways how it can be avoided.

The builder/networker:

  • has a 'giving' disposition or abundance mentally;

  • is generally happy to ask others for help or guidance;

  • listens and learns about people carefully;

  • is regularly in the look-out for useful information frim which others can benefit;

  • has a well-ordered and organised networking system.

This type is out there for others, or on call to offer help whenever it is needed.