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Development of project ideas

Growing in fertile soil

Growing in fertile soil
Image Credit: R. Sharaf 2008

A project idea is like a plan that better grows in a fertile soil. An interactive and collaborative academic environment is like a fertile soil to the project idea that provides support and nutrition needed for its growth.

Examples from some participants about how their ideas developed

"When I decided to enroll in the first DIES Workshop, I had no specific project - that I wanted to apply for - in mind. However, few weeks after the workshop, I learned about a national funding agency in Egypt, and decided with some colleagues to submit a multi-disciplinary project.

During the preparation of the proposal, the DIES material was a substantial reference for us. Our proposal was selected in the first screening, and we needed to prepare a presentation for the grant committee. Luckily, our presentation was scheduled 2 days after the 2nd DIES Workshop. This was a great chance that we made use of. We rehearsed our presentation in front of a great jury composed of DIES instructors as well as a diverse collection of scholars. Incorporating all comments we received in our final presentation made it a great success, and a wonderful experience".

Dr. Dina Sameh Taha from Egypt - DIES Alumnae

"Ideas usually come from the need. You must have a BIG problem then your idea comes to solve it. Thus, the idea should be an innovative one. Making a team/ multidisciplinary work environment help to develop the idea and is always acknowledge by the reviewers. Just invite the right people to the team, sit together and have a brainstorming, then, a better and clearer idea will come true. But do not forget to allocate a team leader or a coordinator for the team to be able to function smoothly".

Dr. Magdy el Nasha from Egypt - DIES Alumnus