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Writing skills

Here, some general aspects related to English language and scientific writing skills are presented.

  • Before you write proposal, read some … and lean from others!
  • Follow the donor’s recommended structure and format
  • Follow a logical order (see chapter 3)
  • Be clear, concise and complete
  • Strive for accuracy (don’t write ”a large area” but rather “3.5 million ha”)
  • Get to the point quickly ….. and stick to it!
  • Cite only references that are relevant and absolutely necessary (a proposal is not the literature review of a thesis. You are expected you to know your references)
  • Include only graphical elements that are necessary (i..e. tables of statistics required to support key statements or maps of the study area)
  • Use standard units and abbreviations, and be consistent (in doubt, refer to the SI tables that are usually provided in scientific journals)
  • Use a spel-tcheker! Spell Checker (there is nothing more annoying for a reviewer to get side-tracked by typographical errors when trying to assess the quality and relevance of a research proposal).