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Title and keywords

A way to find a title and keywords

A way to find a title and keywords

The Title is the label of your submission and the most-read element. It should be brief with as few words as possible (<20), and informative:

  • describe contents accurately
  • describe subject specifically
  • omit verbs
  • must be easy to understand
  • must be suitable for indexing
  • make most important words stand out (order!)
  • don’t promise more than what is in the proposal
  • cut unnecessary words (e.g. “some notes on ….”)
  • avoid abbreviations and jargon
Form the title following the rule: “as general as permissible, as specific as required”!

Keywords are terms for indexing. Select the key words carefully considering the following:

  • Do not repeat title words
  • Move Latin words or specialized terms from title to keywords
  • Use higher hierarchy words from the title-making exercise
  • Use terms that are useful for indexing
  • List the 4-5 most relevant terms in alphabetic order