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Logical framework 2

What is SMART?

What is SMART?
Image Credit: F. Becker

An example of a logical framework

An example of a logical framework

The vertical logic of the Logframe clarifies the causal relationship between the activities and the objectives. Assumptions and preconditions are also specified, which must be true for the success of the project:

If you carry out the activities as intended, then you will arrive at the expected results

If you achieve the expected output, the you will meet the specific and ultimately at the overall objective.

The indicators and sources of verification (horizontal logic) should be „SMART“. Make sure that the sources of information you will use to measure project progress are really a good indicator to measure the progress.

Specific terms are used in the log frame:

  • „To contribute to“ you can use to express the overall objective
  • „increased“, „improved“ etc. you may use for describing the purpose
  • „delivered“, „produced“, „conducted“ you may use for expressing results
  • Active verbs („Prepare“, „design“, „research“) are good words for expressing activities.