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Why Proposal Writing?

DIES training course

DIES training course
Image Credit: K. Simon 2008

Proposal writing is a regional sandwich training program that enables participants to master basis skills needed for writing project proposal for research and development in a competitive context. The training approach adopted for the proposal writing is unique in a way that combines knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to produce not only a regular proposal, but a successful one that would have a high chance for winning funding.

In doing so, many training strategies are used among which are active learning strategies that use simulation, role play, case studies, problem solving, project based and other strategies that enable learners to share ideas, interact and build on one another experiences.

With the help of skilled trainers who had various experiences in winning funding for project proposals, participants work incrementally towards the elaboration of a research idea into a comprehensive proposal that reflects their own needs. During which, skills are enhanced through practice and close follow-up.

Participants here need to do a homework of their own to meet the requirements of joining the course at the first place as well as sustaining the enrollment in the follow-up course.