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WP 6: IWRM Tools

This work package focused on the development, deployment, and application of state-of-the-art tools for
IWRM, including

1) a web-based set of visual tools for water resources management – the SMARTDSS platform developed by EWRE,

2) a web-based visual platform for knowledge management – the DROPEDIA application (developed by KIT),

3) a platform for risk assessment (developed by EWRE), and

4) a comparative analysis of the performance and applicability of software applications for the simulation of variably saturated flows and reactive transport (prepared by EWRE).

The SMART DSS Application

This web-based application consists in a number of decision-making and reporting tools aimed at facilitating the derivation of water plans. It comprises the following tools:

  • A graphical user interface
  • An application for storing data and information relevant to the inventory of water resources of various qualities on any spatial aggregation scale (HYDROBUDGETS)
  • Decision-making tools
  • Multi-criteria optimization
  • Scenario Generator, implementing an approach to the derivation of optimal water plans using a combination of multi-criteria optimization and decision-making procedures

The DROPEDIA Application

DROPEDIA is a web-based knowledge management system based on the WIKI paradigm. It enables integrating collected data and information on various levels of refinement (informative data, modeling data, etc.). It can be used for documenting a specific project or test case and for the analysis of new project areas based on the experience and knowledge acquired from areas previously investigated. DROPEDIA relies on the knowledge management system for collaborative documentation and sharing of planning- and decision-making-relevant knowledge for integrated water resources management. (Klinger et al. 2014, Klinger et al. 2015)