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Learning targets

Learning targets

Learning targets
Image Credit: AlphaZeta (2011)

The learning targets of the Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) e-learning module are:

  • to understand the concept of IWRM;

  • to know why IWRM is so important;

  • to know the principals of IWRM;

  • to understand the challenges faced by IWRM;

  • to know how IWRM should be implemented;

  • to know the importance of water in society and environment;

  • to know how the impact of human activities on water effects society and environment;

  • to know how water can be harvested and stored in a sustainable way;

  • to know about different irrigation systems;

  • to know about different wastewater treatment/sanitation systems;

  • to know how wastewater and sludge can be reused;

  • to know how flood protection can be achieved;

  • to know about the important role water governance;

  • to know about gender and empowerment in IWRM;

  • to know about the importance of participation and capacity development;

  • to understand the role of water economics;

  • to know about different types of economic instruments;

  • to know about different computer - assisted tools which are used in IWRM.