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Who we are

The Integrated Watershed Management Network is a consortium of higher education institutions and companies in Asia, Africa and Europe (partners).

The overall goal of the Integrated Watershed Management Network is to foster competences for Integrated Watershed Management at academic, institutional and local levels. The network is running a wide range of international university cooperation, research and capacity building projects to realize the network goals:

  • Knowledge sharing on Integrated Watershed Management
  • Awareness creation about the importance of ecological functioning watersheds (eco-system services).
  • Training on participatory development of watershed management plans
  • Teaching of technical and practical implementation of watershed management measures in living laboratories.
  • Development of (joint) Master programmes
  • Facilitation of communication among different watershed management stakeholder (practitioners/decision makers, local population/comunity based organisations and scientists/researchers).
  • Capacity and competence building on e-learning for Integrated Watershed Management
  • Provision of learning and teaching materials for Integrated Watershed Management on a e-learning platform

High participatory field work, workshops and seminars as well as online activities are facilitated throughout all project phases.