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E-Learning in the Environmental and Geosciences

Geolearning winter school 2008

In the framework of the DAAD-funded project "e-Learning in the Environmental and Geosciences" (geolearning) three workshops were held at Freie Universität Berlin.

The concept of the Winter School "e-Learning in the Environmental and Geosciences" consisted of a mix of plenary sessions and project-oriented groupwork. In the plenary sessions, generally held in the mornings, experts gave talks on various aspects of e-learning, followed by discussions. The afternoons were reserved for tutor-supported computer sessions. The results of the Winter School – in the form of e learning projects designed and created by four or five small groups (see programme below) - are available on the Internet to enable participants to use and develop them further.

The structure of the Winter School enabled participants to acquire both the theoretical fundamentals for creating e-learning materials (didactic, legal and technical aspects) and the necessary practical skills applied to projects designed by the alumni and alumnae themselves. The know-how required to develop e-learning materials, ranging from concept design to technical implementation, was taught and trained in small groups and in individual computer sessions. Each group could call on the advice and support of a tutor (a student or faculty member) of the Department of Earth Sciences at the Freie Universität Berlin.


A total number of apporximately 25 participants, who were earth science educators, from diverse countries and mostly include former DAAD alumni from Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Niger, Tunisia, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba and other countries.

Goals and topics

  • skills and techniques to develop e-learning materials,
  • conceptual development and realization of web-based e-learning projects, using the WWW as a medium to create international networks,
  • conceptual enhancements and realization of a a common e-Learning portal for the Geosciences using a CMS;
  • providing the basis for future international networking and exchange of e-learning modules (including materials and techniques),
  • structure and development of e-learning activities at the Freie Universität Berlin,
  • e-Learning didactics and interactivity;
  • advanced e-Learning knowledge, skills and techniques;
  • dealing with Web 2.0 /e-Learning 2.0 and discovering its possibilities

Winter schools

In total three winter schools were held during the project term. You can find more information about the winter schools under documentation: winter school 2006, winter school 2007, winter school 2008.

Project support

Project funded by: