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Participatory GIS and E-learning

Gatundu, Kenya

Gatundu, Kenya
Image Credit: Anette Stumptner 2012


The project aims at building competences in E-learning, Participatory Geographical Information System (GIS) and Integrated Watershed Management (IWM) at university level for increasing the training capacities for primary and secondary teachers in the above mentioned fields. Through a diffusion effect, implementing e-learning and Participatory GIS will improve the project participants’ competencies and directly also offer products which can significantly aid the teaching of key subjects such as geography. Designing an e-learning environment means in the project context to provide knowledge about IWM and to conceptualise professional training for primary and secondary school teachers. The integration of a Participatory GIS into the e-learning environment will allow teachers as well as pupils to learn about the complex environmental interrelations by experiments in a virtual reality.


The project addresses the above described challenges by implementing tailor-made training courses for university lecturers to develop further capacity on teacher training with regard to e-learning and Integrated Watershed Management. Integrated Watershed Management in East Africa transformed from a pure university issue to an accepted tool for sustainable environmental management at sub-catchment scale. Thus it contributes greatly to environmental education at all ages and educational levels, but it needs further dissemination and training especially at schools in order to address the educational needs for the youth. In the applied project four workshops shall enable the participants (Alumni) to reach step by step didactical, technical and subject-oriented capacity to undertake this special task in future on their own. The four workshops will start with theoretical background information and successively give way to practical and demand driven work.


During the project term, th eproject aims at conducting four participatory field workshops throughout the project phase intermitted by online activities:

  • 1st workshop: Didactics and e-learning for IWM on school level
  • 2nd workshop: Development of IWM e-learning materials for school level
  • 3rd workshop: Evaluation of e-learning materials
  • 4th workshop: Development of IWM e-learning materials for school level

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