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Geology of the Ükök catchment

The Ukök river catchment is located in the Tesky Ala-Too mountains in Central Asia, a mountain range striking in east-west direction. The mountains underwent folding by the continental collision between India and Eurasia in the late Cretaceous [1]. The Central Tyan'-Shan' is still an active forming region between the stable Kazhak Platform and the Tarim Basin. Most common are Neoproterozoic to Ordovician deposits and Silurian to Cambrian granite intrusions. They are overlaid by carboniferous and Permian terrestrial deposits [2]. The modern topography is dominated by a continuous process of denudation and the neotectonic development since the late Oligocene [2][3]. A subsidence of the intermountain depressions and the uplift of mountainous areas are determining the relief.