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IWM training

Bad road

Limited access during the rainy season
Image Credit: R. Feumba

Flood in Nkolbisson

Flood in Nkolbisson
Image Credit: R. Feumba

During field work of Cameroonian and German researchers and students, some topics of interested were identified. These topics were discussed with local people and some additional aspects were contributed by local authorities.

During ongoing fields trips to the watershed since November 2012, some problems in the watershed were identified:

  • Limited access to fresh or clean drinking water
  • Bad water quality in some streams/sources
  • Unconsidered downstream problems due to the construction of the dam
  • Unplanned urbanization (périurbanisation anarchique)
  • Deforestation and intensification of land-use
  • Lack of infrastructure (bad unpaved roads, missing access to electricity)
  • Floods

These problems are objective of several theses from German Master students and Cameroonian Master and PhD students. They deal with flood risk analysis, water balance, water quality, soil erosion by water, water governance and socio-economic aspects of water access.

For a more detailed analysis of the problems of the Upper Mefou Sub-catchment see the following link on a SWOT-analysis prepared during a IWM-training workshop in Yaoundé in 2013 or the booklet wirten during that workshop.