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Administrative division

The entire upper Mefou Sub‐catchment is located in the Central Region of Cameroon (region du centre). The southeast is located in the Mfoundi division (département), which includes the sub‐divisions (arrondissement) of Yaoundé VII and Yaoundé II. The other part of the catchment is in the Lekie division, which is divided in the sub‐divisions Lobo and Okola. The majority of the villages in the catchment are in this division.

Besides this system of administrative organisation, there is also a traditional system of hereditary chiefdoms. Each village in the catchment has its own chief (chef de 3em degree) which is supervised by a chef de groupement and a chef supérieure. The role of a chief is to solve problems of the people living in his area and between the people in his area. This especially comprises questions of land ownership and water resources management.