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Benefit of IWM for human wellbeing

Helix of sustainability

Helix of sustainability
Image Credit: The New Zealand Institute for Crop and Food Research, L. Tucker and A. Erasmuson, 2008 http://www.ericlowitt.com/blog/a-clear-approach-to-connect-sustainability-to-competitive-strategy/

Capacity building and training towards best and common understanding of the concept of IWM contribute vice versa to human wellbeing and increase of livelihood.

It needs to be understood that the holistic concept of IWM is not only developed to serve and protect the nature but to serve both nature and human needs. The moment people understand that IWM generates win-win effects for the environment and biodiversity as well as for human and income generation in a long term and sustainable way; it is much easier to motivate them in implementation of IWM measures.

The figure shows the helix of sustainability and how it contributes to the common understanding of sustainable living.

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