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Resource human

Human resources management

Human resources management
Image Credit: F. Becker, 2014

The approach of IWM is also focussing on the human resource, since human foster or reduces natural resource depletion. To come to sustainable management options training and awareness creation for sustainability are cornerstones of any watershed management programme.

Human resources are the most crucial resource to be addressed. It all goes or fall with education at all levels.

The following management options shall be considered for IWM human resources management. Whatever is valid for a company can be translated for watershed management:

  • recruitment: school pupils and IWM sensation at lowest level
  • personnel administration: Water Resources User Associations (WRUA) membership 
  • training & development: Training on IWM
  • performance: individual activities of WRUA members towards better IWM implementation
  • talent management: motivation of  individual and small groups actions towards better IWM implementation
  • career planning: Using IWM options for increasing livelihood
  • labor  relations: using cooperatives and looking for win‐win effects through IWM implementation
  • human hesources planning: participatory IWM planning and implementation
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