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Resilience and vulnerability

Sustainability strategy and management

Sustainability strategy and management
Image Credit: F. Becker, acc. to E. Lowitt, 2014 http://www.ericlowitt.com/blog/a-clear-approach-to-connect-sustainability-to-competitive-strategy/

Local communities often perceive themselves as victims of a bigger and non-influence able system. Instead of focussing on their resilience, power, and opportunities the focus is often on their own vulnerability.

This perception towards the negative is psychological hindering development and capacity strengthening. A long series of research [7] [8] towards resilience of local communities highlight the fact that a strong resilience is available, but not seen.

IWM and the empowerment of local communities and water resources users associations are leading towards the perception of higher resilience instead of vulnerability. Thus, the following sustainability strategy should be used for fostering resilience perceptions and actions.

Integrated Watershed Management - Network