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Common understanding of IWM

The picture shows an example how common understanding for e.g. the watershed area can be developed:

Participants of a workshop jointly drafted the watershed on an A0 sized map and discussed the extent of their management area. Just drawing the watershed on a map typically does not help for common understanding since the “theoretical knowledge” by seeing the watershed on the map must be transferred / referred to the “real knowledge” the watershed as it can be seen in the catchment. This real existing watershed is defining the management area of the Water Resources Users Association, and they must understand the exact extent of their management area.

All activities towards common understanding must have to overall objective to assist the Water Resources Users Associations

The following example is from Kenya, were the Water Resources Management Authority (=regulatory authority within the Ministry for Water and Irrigation) established posts at all rivers, indicating the name of the river, the managing water resources users association and to each river a randomly drafted reminder towards better watershed management.

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