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Establishment of a Water Resource User Association in the Upper Mefou Sub-catchment

The main target of the workshop was the establishment of a Water Resource User Association in the Upper Mefou Sub-catchment.

The vision of the participants of the working group on WRUA-development was: The management of catchment water resources for sustainable development

Within the workshop, a preliminary concept of a WRUA, a procedure to create a WRUA in the Upper Mefou Sub-catchment and a organization structure was developed by international experts and locals.

Mandates and activities

  • Soil and water conservatinon
  • Promotion of sustainable use of the catchment's resources
  • Sanitation
  • training and capacity building
  • conflict management
  • Intermediary between various stakeholders
  • organization of legal abstraction of water
  • whistle blower on illegal activities within the catchment
  • discussion forum

Proposed structure

  • Membership open to all stakeholders (private households, institutions such as schools, hospitals, churches, commercial and industrial)
  • all registered members form the General Assembly (GA)
  • elected representatives in the Management Committee (MC), a male, a female and a youngster from each village
  • an elected Executive Committee (EC) for the daily management

More details and ideas on the proposed WRUA in the Upper Mefou Sub-catchment can be found in the »booklet written during the workshop.