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Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology

Special Issue: From Snowball Earth to the Cambrian bioradiation: calibration of Ediacaran-Cambrian history in South China

Edited by Maoyan Zhu, Harald Strauss and Graham A. Shields
Volume 254, Issues 1-2, p. 1-362 (8 Oct. 2007)

From snowball earth to the Cambrian bioradiation: Calibration of Ediacaran–Cambrian earth history in South China
Pages 1-6
Maoyan Zhu, Harald Strauss and Graham A. Shields

Research Papers

Integrated Ediacaran (Sinian) chronostratigraphy of South China
Pages 7-61
Maoyan Zhu, Junming Zhang and Aihua Yang


Cambrian chronostratigraphy: Current state and future plans
Pages 62-66
Loren E. Babcock and Shanchi Peng


Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian small shelly fossil assemblages and a revised biostratigraphic correlation of the Yangtze Platform (China)
Pages 67-99
Michael Steiner, Guoxiang Li, Yi Qian, Maoyan Zhu and Bernd-Dietrich Erdtmann


Sedimentology and environmental significance of the Cryogenian successions of the Yangtze platform, South China block
Pages 100-122
Nicole Dobrzinski and Heinrich Bahlburg


Stratigraphic reconstruction of the Ediacaran Yangtze platform margin (Hunan province, China) using a large olistolith
Pages 123-139
E. Vernhet, C. Heubeck, M.-Y. Zhu and J.-M. Zhang


Carbon isotopic evolution of the terminal Neoproterozoic and early Cambrian: Evidence from the Yangtze Platform, South China
Pages 140-157
Qingjun Guo, Harald Strauss, Congqiang Liu, Tatiana Goldberg, Maoyan Zhu, Daohui Pi, Christoph Heubeck, Elodie Vernhet, Xinglian Yang and Pingqing Fu


Carbon isotope variation through the Neoproterozoic Doushantuo and Dengying Formations, South China: Implications for chemostratigraphy and paleoenvironmental change
Pages 158-174
Hong-Fei Ling, Hong-Zhen Feng, Jia-Yong Pan, Shao-Yong Jiang, Yong-Quan Chen and Xi Chen


Reconstructing marine redox conditions for the Early Cambrian Yangtze Platform: Evidence from biogenic sulphur and organic carbon isotopes
Pages 175-193
Tatiana Goldberg, Harald Strauss, Qingjun Guo and Congqiang Liu


Trace element chemostratigraphy of two Ediacaran–Cambrian successions in South China: Implications for organosedimentary metal enrichment and silicification in the Early Cambrian
Pages 194-216
Qingjun Guo, Graham A. Shields, Congqiang Liu, Harald Strauss, Maoyan Zhu, Daohui Pi, Tatiana Goldberg and Xinglian Yang


Extreme enrichment of polymetallic Ni–Mo–PGE–Au in Lower Cambrian black shales of South China: An Os isotope and PGE geochemical investigation
Pages 217-228
Shao-Yong Jiang, Jing-Hong Yang, Hong-Fei Ling, Yong-Quan Chen, Hong-Zhen Feng, Kui-Dong Zhao and Pei Ni


Early Cambrian metazoan fossil record of South China: Generic diversity and radiation patterns
Pages 229-249
Guoxiang Li, Michael Steiner, Xuejian Zhu, Aihua Yang, Haifeng Wang and Bernd D. Erdtmann


Early Cambrian Yangtze Plate Maotianshan Shale macrofauna biodiversity and the evolution of predation
Pages 250-272
Junyuan Chen, Dieter Waloszek, Andreas Maas, Andreas Braun, Diying Huang, Xiuqiang Wang nd Martin Stein


Evolution of cephalic feeding structures and the phylogeny of Arthropoda
Pages 273-287
Dieter Waloszek, Andreas Maas, Junyuan Chen and Martin Stein


Maotianshan-Shale nemathelminths — Morphology, biology, and the phylogeny of Nemathelminthes
Pages 288-306
Andreas Maas, Diying Huang, Junyuan Chen, Dieter Waloszek and Andreas Braun


Diverse pelagic predators from the Chengjiang Lagerstätte and the establishment of modern-style pelagic ecosystems in the early Cambrian
Pages 307-316
Shixue Hu, Michael Steiner, Maoyan Zhu, Bernd-Dietrich Erdtmann, Huilin Luo, Liangzhong Chen and Bernd Weber


Early Cambrian eocrinoids from Guizhou Province, South China
Pages 317-327
Yuanlong Zhao, Ronald L. Parsley and Jin Peng


Precambrian–Cambrian trace fossils from the Yangtze Platform (South China) and the early evolution of bilaterian lifestyles
Pages 328-349
B. Weber, M. Steiner and M.-Y. Zhu


Radiation of Meso-Neoproterozoic and Early Cambrian protists inferred from the microfossil record of China
Pages 350-361
Yin Leiming and Yuan Xunlai