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Registration for Modules

Students of the following programs of study are obligated to register for their modules via the web interface Campus Management (in German only)

  • B.Sc. Geological Sciences (Study and Examination Regulations (SER) of 2006 and 2012)
  • B.Sc. Geographical Sciences (SER of 2008 and 2011)
  • B.Sc. Meteorology (SER of 2006 and 2012)
  • Modules of General professional skills courses (abbr. ABV) including modules of subject-related additional qualifications of B.Sc. Geological Sciences and B.Sc. Meteorology
  • M.Sc. Geological Sciences (SER of 2009 and 2012)
  • M.Sc. Meteorology (SER of 2008 and 2013)
  • M.Sc. Environmental Earth Sciences (SER of 2012)
  • M.Sc. Geoarchaeology (SER of 2012)

Further information regarding Campus Management and enrolment periods are to be found under the link above.

Students of the M.Sc. Geographical Sciences are obligated to register for the courses of Geographical Sciences in winter semester 2013/2014 in the Study and Examinations Office via an application form. Applications for courses will be supplemented to Campus Management as soon as it will be cleared for this master's program.

  • The application form will be distributed in the introductory course for first semesters and will be available online soon.
  • The duly completed application form is to be submitted to the Examinations Office during the first three weeks. In front of the office there is a letter box especially for this purpose.

The Study and Examinations Office (in English), located in Building A on Campus Lankwitz, is responsible for Examination Affaires.