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Studies in China

Studying at Nanijing University (China) for one semester is an integral part of the master's curriculum and is scheduled for the second semester of the master's program. The coursework and exams during this study period abroad are part of the master's program.

The supervisors responsible for the master's program support students in their plans and preparations for studying abroad. They provide information about possible funding of travel and subsistence costs.

The Chinese Nanjing University will issue a separate certificate confirming the coursework performed in the course units studied at the Chinese Nanjing University. Portrait of the Nanjing University.

Necessary documents for enrollment at Nanjing University:

a) Undergraduate degree certificate (original or notarized copy one) and

b) Undergraduate degree transcripts (original or notarized copies ones).

These documents must be submitted by the 15th of November.

Please note that additional expenses for the flight and accommodation may arise during the stay in China. Freie Universität Berlin acts to ensure some kind of funding in order to support the participants of the master´s program during the semester abroad. However, Freie Universität Berlin cannot guarantee any financial support to cover the allowances related to studying in China.