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The bachelor program Meteorology conveys to students knowledge and skills which serve to successfully improve short, medium and long term weather prediction and to regionally analyze, diagnose and predict natural and anthropogenic climate fluctuations.

Concretely students acquire the skills for the mathematical and natural scientific examination and analysis of meteorological issues with the aim of predicting processes within the atmosphere including interdependencies with other parts of the climate system.

The bachelor program conveys the basics of Meteorology with key skills, while contemporaneously imparting a practice- and occupation-related implementation of scientific knowledge through courses in statistics and programming.

At the end of the program students will be able to independently and efficiently familiarize themselves with meteorological topics and to plan, execute, document and finish a meteorological work project in a goal-oriented manner.   

Holders of a bachelor's degree in meteorology will therefore have at their command knowledge and skills which qualify both for an immediate entry into professional life and for application for a consecutive master's program or one outside one's subject area.