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The program's goal is to convey to students a diversified knowledge base in the field of Geological Sciences. They are acquainted with scientific methods and the current state of research and learn to present their findings in a both factually and verbally appropriate manner.

The program encompasses natural and geoscientific basics, adequate to give an insight into the diversity of processes which constitute and shape our planet. The natural scientific fundamentals facilitate an exact description of these processes via mathematical, physical, chemical and biological basic skills and specific methods. In the geoscientific focus the interdisciplinary competencies will be completed by subject-related methods and knowledge in geochemistry, geophysics, hydrogeology, mineralogy-petrology, paleontology, sedimentary geology and tectonics.

At the end of the program students will be able to independently and efficiently familiarize themselves with geological topics and to plan, execute, document and finish a geological work project in a goal-oriented manner.   

Holders of a bachelor's degree in Geological Sciences will therefore have at their command knowledge and skills which qualify both for an immediate entry into professional life and for application for a consecutive master's program or one outside one's subject area.