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The bachelor program Geographical Sciences conveys to students the treatment and evaluation of spacial structures, environmental processes and human behavior in space and time.

Teaching natural, economical and social sciences' theories, models and methods as a basis, the program gives students insight into and lets them solve interrelations, problems and structures in spacial and chronological order, planning and organisation of the environment. Hence the program does not only acquaint students with the scientific working method of Geography but also considers interdisciplinary approaches and connects Geography with other natural and social sciences and with the arts.

At the end of the program students will be able to independently and efficiently familiarize themselves with geographical topics and to plan, execute, document and finish a geographical work project in a goal-oriented manner.   

Holders of a bachelor's degree in Geographical Sciences will therefore have at their command knowledge and skills which qualify both for an immediate entry into professional life and for application for a consecutive master's program or one outside one's subject area.