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General information about the ERASMUS+ program

What is ERASMUS+?

The European ERASMUS+ program is based on bilateral exchange agreements between universitites. It is designed for cultural, academic and social exchanges among those universities.

Why should I go abroad within the ERASMUS+ program?

For students, the Erasmus+ program offers several advantages over a self-organized stays abroad, such as...

  • Exemption from tuition fees at the host university
  • Support for additional costs abroad in the form of a mobility grant for the duration of the study abroad program
  • Support for the preparation and implementation of the stay by the home university and the host university
  • Special grants for single parents, students with disabilities or students being the first in their family to pursue academic studies.

Who can apply for the ERASMUS+ program?

In general, all students (bachelor, master, doctoral students) as well as teachers and administrators can participate in the ERASMUS+ program. However, a few general requirements must be met, which you can read about here.

Where to go for an ERASMUS+ stay?

At the Department of Geosciences an exchange with more than 35 European universities is possible. Detailed information on partner universities, the subjects and levels of study there, as well as maximum funding periods and study places at these can be found under the heading "Partner Universities".

Experience reports and more detailed information can be found here when you select the partner university of your choice.

How does ERASMUS+ work?

Once you have chosen a partner university (or several), you now have to apply. You can apply for up to three different universities ranked according to your preferences. Detailed information on how to apply can be found under the heading "Outgoing".

Please visit the FU Berlin's central studing abroad pages for information on the program's participation requirements, benefits, and application process.

How long is the funding period?

Each student has a twelve-month "contingent" per study phase (BA / MA / PhD) available within Erasmus+. This "quota" can be used individually for Erasmus+ (i.e. study and/or internship).

2 x 5 months study abroad + 2 months internship abroad = 12 funding months.
9 months internship abroad + 3 months study abroad = 12 funding months

Please note that mobility periods (internship, study) already completed under the LLP-Erasmus+ program will be counted towards the maximum period of 12 months.

It is also important to note the maximum exchange period of each university in the different programs. You can find these in the table under Partner Universities.

Further questions?

If you have more detailed questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone and/or come to the ERASMUS office hours.