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Information about Lectures

Die Equivalence List: Diploma - Bachelor

Diploma Studies Meteorology

Primary Models


Intermediate Diploma:

Meteorology I + Meteor. Observation (V/Ü)

replaced by BSC-Model ‚basics of Meteorology’  (V+Ü+P)

Meteorology II (Thermodynamics and

Radiation)  (V/Ü)

replaced by BSC-Model ‚Physical Climatology’ (V+Ü) or, radiation and remote sensing’ (V+Ü)

Meteorology III (Mathematicak Methods of Meteorology)  (V/Ü)

replaced by BSC-Model ‚Applied Statistics I’ (V+Ü)

Mathematics for Physics I-III (V/Ü)


Experiment physics I + II (V)


Physical Mandatory Intership I + II (P)


Theoretical Physics I (V) + II (V/Ü)


Diploma:   (will be specified later)

Theoretical Meteorology I-II (V/Ü) +

Theoretische Meteorologie III (V+S)

replaced by BSC-Models ‚Dynamic of the Atmosphare I+II’ (V+Ü) + MSC-Models ‚Theoretical Meteorology I+II’ (V+Ü)

Physical Climatologie (V/Ü)

offered; when accepted in basic studies: instead BSC-Model‚ Radiation and Remote Sensing’ (V+Ü)

General Atmospharical Circulation

replaced by MSC-Model‚ Climate Variability and –models’ (V+Ü) or‚ Weather and Climate Diagnose I’ (V+Ü)

Meteor. Instrumental Intership (P)


Weather Diagnose I + II (V/Ü)

replaced by BSC-Model ‘Synoptical Meteorology’ (V+Ü)

Weather Prognose (S)

replaced by a part of the seminar of BSC-Models ‚Weather Forecast’ (S)

Intership to Synoptical Meteorologie (P)

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Additionally, as mentioned in the Diploma and Examination Regulations, in the main studies compulsory electives and extracurricular activities are to be successfully completed from the offered programme (specially from the Master-Study Programme of Meteorology).


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Uwe Ulbrich (Vorsitzender PA Meteorologie)                                   29.9.2006