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Courses in WG Climate Modeling

Topics and Qualifications

Courses for Bachelor Programme in Meteorology

Course Lecturer Semester
Physical Climatology Prof.Dr.U.Cubasch, Dr.I.Langer 2.
Statistic and Programming 1 Dr.I.Kirchner, Dr.M.Schaale 4.
Statistic and Programming 2 Dr.I.Kirchner, Dr.M.Schaale, Dr.H.Rust, Dr.M.Göber, T.Dümmel 5.

Courses for Master Programme in Meteorology

Course Lecturer Semester
Climate Variability and Models Univ.-Prof.Dr.U.Cubasch, Prof.Dr.U.Langematz, Prof.Dr.M.Thomas, Prof.Dr.S.Sodoudi, Dr.I.Kirchner 1.
Physical Oceanography Prof.M.Thomas 1.+2.
Models for Weather and Climate Univ.-Prof.Dr.U.Cubasch, Prof.Dr.S.Sodoudi, Prof.P.Builtjes, Dr.I.Kirchner 2.