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Modul D - Synthesis

Contact: Christopher Kadow EMail Phone +49-30-838-71121


Module D is in charge of constructing the central decadal prediction system of each development stage, starting with the “Baseline prediction system” in development stage 1 (DS1). The hindcasts and forecasts performed with the prediction system are then disseminated into the other modules, where evaluation is performed and improvements are tested.

The suggestions for model improvements, as developed by the other modules, will be incorporated into the prediction system by module D for the next development stage.

In order to ensure a standardised procedure for evaluating the performance of the prediction system, an infrastructure for integrated evaluation will be implemented by the module and further improved during the different development stages.

The module also hosts the MiKlip Office that, together with the module D coordinator, is responsible for the over-all coordination of the entire MiKlip project. The MiKlip Office supports the data and information flow between the modules, and takes care of all overarching organisational work.


  • establish, operate, use and improve the MiKlip central prediction system.
  • develop an infrastructure for integrated standardised evaluation of the prediction system.
  • coordinate the entire MiKlip project.