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Modul C - MesoTel (Northern hemisphere meso-scale storm development, teleconnections and inter-annual climate prediction)

Contact: Dr. Ingo Kirchner EMail Phone +49-30-838-71151
  Markus Thürkow EMail Phone +49-30-838-54848


MesoTel aims to improve the accuracy of atmospheric dynamics and of the deterministic forecast of seasonal means over Europe by taking into account the relevant feedback of the atmospheric meso-beta-scale dynamics on the large to planetary scales and vice versa in the climate system on the northern hemisphere.

In particular, the relevance of the meso-beta-scale atmospheric dynamics for the development of extremely growing Rossby wave trains affecting the ocean dynamics and the mean atmospheric flow shall be investigated and a contribution to our understanding of the mechanisms determining the interannual to decadal predictability shall be made.

Hereto a two-way coupled model system consisting of the atmosphere-ocean general circulation model ECHAM/MPIOM and of the regional climate model COSMO-CLM shall be developed. The COSMO-CLM  is a model system for operational numerical weather prediction and regional climate modelling designed for the meso-beta scales down to approx. 1km. The ECHAM/MPIOM is designed for simulation of the large to meso-scale climate dynamics down to resolutions of the atmosphere of approx. 50km. In the two-way coupling mode all prognostic model variables (primitive equation variables and humidity components) will be exchanged between the independent models after each ECHAM time step. In this way the ECHAM/MPIOM solution is modified continuously within the COSMO-CLM simulation domain.


  •     Development of   a two-way nested model version ECHAM/MPIOM with COSMO-CLM

  •     Analysis of the relevance of the meso-scale dynamics for large scale dynamics over Europe

  •     Improvement of the inter-annaul to decadal predictability of seasonal means for Europe