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Measuring Campaign at TU Campus in Winter 2017 (IOP I)

In the framework of Module B-3DO the urban climate working group has developed a measuring network and campaigns in Berlin. The following links show the maps of the stations and measuring campaigns along with FU-Berlin stations.

Berlin Measurement Network

Roller Station:

Infrared Surface Temperature; Wind speed/direction (1.35m); Net radiation (1.1m); Temperature/Rel. Humidity (1.1m); Globe Temperature

Mobile Station:

Infrared Surface Temperature; Wind speed (1.1m); Temperature/Rel. Humidity (1.1m); Globe Temperature

AWS Station:

Temperature, Relative Humidity

FU Berlin Station Dahlem:

Ceilometer + meteorological parameters. For information about the meteorological parameters refer to Berlin Dahlem

FU-Berlin stations

You can also easily download the corresponding ArcGIS layers here.

FUB measuring network

Measuring campaign by FUB in TU campus