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Wilhelm Zuschneid

Diploma in Geology and Paleontology

Wilhelm Zuschneid

Scientific Staff Member | Project Mars Express • HRSC-Experiment

Malteserstr. 74-100, Building D
Room D-223
12249 Berlin

Hao, J., Michael, G. G., Adeli, S., Jaumann, R., Portyankina, G., Hauber, E., Millot, C., Zuschneid, W. (2020) Variability of spider spatial configuration at the Martian south pole. Planetary and Space Science, Volume 185, article id. 104848. Doi.: 10.1016/j.pss.2020.104848

Tiantian, L., Michael, G., Zuschneid, W., Wünnemann, K., Oberst, J. (2020) Lunar megaregolith mixing by impacts: Evaluation of the non-mare component of mare soils, EPSC Abstracts Vol.14, EPSC2020-186.


Michael, G. G., S. H. Walter, W. Zuschneid, C. Gross, B. Schreiner, and K. Gwinner (2019), Brightness Equalization for Mars Images as Applied to HRSC Image Mosaics, in LPI Contribution No. 2151, p. 7058.


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