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Julia Schmidt


Julia Schmidt

PhD Student | Planetary Geodynamics • Project TRR170 Late Accretion onto Terrestrial Planets

Malteserstr. 74-100
Room D207, Building D
12249 Berlin

My PhD project focuses on the formation and evolution of crust on terrestrial planets with a particular interest in early Earth and Mars. With the help of numerical mantle evolution models, I investigate how interior processes affect the surface of a planet by linking mineralogical, chemical, and thermodynamic properties. With this information, a statistical overview of crustal formation and recycling mechanisms will be created and the compositional evolution of the mantle investigated.

For my research, following topics are of particular interest:

- Partition coefficient modelling depending on pressure, temperature, and melt composition

- The thermal evolution of planets

- The evolution of the mantle composition

- Different formation processes of oceanic and proto-continental crust.


Schmidt, J.M. and Noack, L. (2021): Clinopyroxene/Melt Partitioning: Models for Higher Upper Mantle Pressures Applied to Sodium and Potassium, International Journal On Advances in Systems and Measurements, 14 (1&2), 125-136, LINK


Ortenzi G., Noack L., Sohl F., Guimond C. M., Grenfell L., Dorn C., Schmidt J. M., Vulpius S., Katyal N., Kitzmann D., and  Rauer H. (2020): Redox state of mantle drives chemical speciation of volatiles during outgassing for rocky planets, Nature Scientific Reports.


Schmidt, J., Noack, L., Plesa, A.-C. (2020): Thermal evolution of terrestrial planets - implications and relevance of partition coefficient modeling. Presentation at the (virtual) Goldschmidt conference, Honolulu.

Schmidt, J. and Noack, L. (/2019)/: The influence of K, Th, and U partition coefficients on the thermal evolution of a planet. Oral presentation at the /Paneth Kolloquium/, Nördlingen.

Schmidt, J. and Noack, L. (2019): Modelling the redistribution of radioactive elements from the mantle to crust. Poster presentation at the /Goldschmidt conference,/ Barcelona.

Schmidt, J. and Noack, L. (2019): Understanding and comparing calculations of partition coefficients: how P-T conditions affect the enrichment of trace elements in the crust. Poster presentation at the /EGU conference,/ Vienna.